Freelance writer and editor specializing in public policy. Able to dig into a topic, understand it, and write about it with authority; translate the work of academics and specialists into language that non-specialists can understand.

Current and former clients

An overview of my work

Kinds of work I deliver


The bulk of my work has focused on education and health care, though I have also worked in economic growth; taxes; state and local government; and public pensions.


Reports and op-eds: I have worked on hundreds of documents, including white papers, newspaper columns, and op-eds. Publications I have ghostwritten or edited do not appear on this list.

Fundraising: Most of my clients depend on direct mail pieces for fundraising. These pieces include year-end and monthly appeals for general operating expenses, appeals for special projects, and information about estate planning.

Center of the American Experiment: I have done some editing and writing for Minnesota's leading think tank.

Kansas Education: I wrote this blog on K-12 education policy when I was actively writing about education policy in Kansas. I have not regularly updated it for quite a while.

Policyguy blog: For five or six years, I regularly wrote self-published commentary on policy questions, usually at the state and local level. After several changes in servers and software, this site now contains only a portion of what I wrote.

The Michigan View and The Detroit News politics blog: From approximately 2004 through 2010, I wrote commentary on policy and politics for the politics blog of The Detroit News, one of Michigan's major newspapers. I then left to join The Michigan View, an opinion site hosted by the News and overseen by its editorial cartoonist and opinion writer, Henry Payne. The publication was closed after a year or so.

State House Call: From December 2006 through June 2010 I managed a website dedicated to health care policy, especially at the level of state government. I wrote thousands of blog posts, managed roughly two dozen authors, and oversaw a budget for stipends. The site went dormant in 2010, and the domain name is now owned by someone else, with a different focus.

Newspaper credits (partial)

I have been published in The Detroit News; Kansas City Star; Minneapolis Star-Tribune; St. Paul Legal Ledger/Capitol Report; Wichita Eagle; and Daily Caller.

Radio appearances

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You can read some endorsements that readers and clients have made for me.

Social Media

I have a Twitter account, though I don't use it much. There's also my LinkedIn profile.


The best way to contact me is to send an email, using both my first name and the name of this domain as the relevant parts of the email address. You may also contact me through my LinkedIn profile.

Date of last update: August 16, 2015